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Remember you are the one that carries the wisdom that is needed to uplift this world.

It does not matter how many times you have told yourself you were lost. It were lies. You were never lost.

Every path you have ever taken was life teaching you to become you. All of it, an invitation to love more deeply and to show yourself more fully.

As this world cries for wisdom You are called to open your eyes and read the songlines of your skin.

The sun and moon and timeless stars, The wind and forests and rivers, They have etched their wisdom into your soul.

You are the one that carries the wisdom.

Now remember to listen for your heart is made to sing with the waves of the eternal.

Your eyes are made to see the wisdom that longs to reveal itself.

You have come here to remember.

Now take flight, my friend. We need you to spread your wings of remembrance.

Let your wisdom soar and help us all see that we have never been lost but are birthing the new sun.

- Roel Crabbé

beeld door Michèle Francken

Na de ontspanning eindig ik al mijn lessen met een inspirerende quote, korte tekst of gedicht. Na een deugddoende yogales is je hart heel open en ontvankelijk voor diepere wijsheid.

Heel graag deel ik deze pareltjes ook hier met jullie.

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