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My wish for you

“My wish for you Is that you never wish yourself smaller Less intelligent Less brilliant Or less significant And know that you deserve to take up space And that by doing this You empower others to do the same

My wish for you Is that you learn to treasure your own company And savour time spent alone And form connections with others Based on love and compatibility Rather than loneliness or convenience

My wish for you Is that you see your value Rather than searching for it in others And learn to recognise your worth Rather than waiting for others to see it

My wish for you Is that you reach your full potential And don’t allow your song to go unsung Your talents to go unexpressed And your life to go unlived

And my wish for you Is that you dare to dream big Follow the inner longings of your heart And pursue your greatest passions And don’t allow another person’s fears or limitations To become your own.”

— Tahlia Hunter

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